Fortress is hoping to succeed in patent monetization where the NPEs it’s foreclosed upon have failed

2017 may go down in U.S. intellectual property market history as the year in which Fortress Investment Group (FIG) officially and grudgingly became a patent monetizer, often referred to as a non-practicing entity (NPE) and scurrilously as a so-called patent troll. That’s because the New York-based private equity firm, whose intellectual property investing unit has [...]

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Spherix shares soar as much as 40% on paid stock promotion touting its patents and investment in Hoth Therapeutics

Shares of Spherix Inc. (SPEX), the patent licensing company run by CEO Anthony Hayes, soared as much as 40% on Thursday Aug. 17 after a paid stock promotion sent out by Small Cap Street LLC, which highlighted the value of its 400 patents and the potential of its investment in Hoth Therapeutics. “A good portion [...]

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Dean Becker tries to use failed IPR filed by Unified Patents to gin up interest in for Sisvel patent that’s for sale

Patent broker Ocean Tomo’s Board of Advisors Vice Chairman Dean Becker is using a failed inter partes review (IPR) challenge of a patent owned by Societa Italiana Per Lo Sviluppo dell’Elettronica S.p.A. (SISVEL), filed by Unified Patents as evidence of the validity and value of a patent he is trying to sell. The former chairman [...]

Supreme Court’s ruling in TC Heartland v. Kraft Food on venue seen having marginal but meaningful impact on nuisance suits

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in TC Heartland v. Kraft Food is expected to reduce the concentration of nuisance patent infringement lawsuits especially in the perceived patent owner friendly Eastern District of Texas, though it also will increase the number of cases in jurisdictions with much less patent experience. Patent market observers say the impact [...]

Electronic Communications Technologies files enforcement actions against Balsam Brands, C&A Marketing and others

Electronic Communication Technologies LLC, formerly known as Eclipse IP LLC, filed enforcement actions against Balsam Brands, C&A Marketing, which does business as and, and Lumber Liquidators in connection with a patent for a secure notification messaging system. The actions were filed by Boynton Beach, Florida-based Electronic Communication Technologies in U.S. District Court in [...]

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Uniloc files enforcement actions against Atlassian and Ring Central involving patents for conference call systems

Uniloc USA Inc. and Uniloc Luxembourg, the patent monetization companies run by CEO Craig Etchegoyen, filed new enforcement actions against Atlassian Corp. PLC and RingCentral for infringement of three patents related to conference call systems. All four of the enforcement actions were filed in U.S. District Court in Marshall, Texas. The three patents in suit [...]

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(Update1) BlackBerry may have brighter future as a patent troll than as a software developer

BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY), the former smartphone and software technology developer run by CEO John Chen, may have a brighter future as patent troll than as a software developer with a portfolio of some 44,000 patents, many of which have been described by Envision IP as high quality based on reverse citations. The Waterloo, Ontario-based company [...]

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(Update2) Court awards Dell $532K in exceptional case fees in dismissed action filed by Iris Connex

Judge Rodney Gilstrap, of the U.S. District Court in Marshall, Texas, awarded Dell Inc. $532,000 in exceptional case fees under Section 285 of the Patent Act in connection with a dismissed enforcement action filed by patent assertion entity Iris Connex. Judge Gilstrap ordered Iris Connex to pay $355,000 for Dell’s legal bills and found Iris [...]

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(Update1) Equitable IP Chairman Dean Becker seeks info from public for his IPR battles with Unified Patents

Dean Becker, chairman of Equitable IP Holdings Corp., the private patent fund company that has taken over the enforcement actions of Spherix Inc. (SPEX), is trying to enlist the help of the public in gathering information on the ownership and membership of Unified Patents, the privately held company that has filed some 60 inter partes [...]

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Nokia opens multi-jurisdiction infringement war with Apple, echoing Vringo war against ZTE

In its infringement battle with Apple Inc. (APPL), Nokia Corp. appears to be taking a page from the enforcement playbook of the former Vringo Inc., whose three-year multi jurisdictional infringement war against ZTE Corp. went to far away jurisdictions, cost tens of millions of dollars and netted only $21.5 million. On Dec. 22, Nokia said [...]

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