(Update4) ‘Ethical’ NPE iPEL touts $100M in funding firepower but offers little that is new in patent licensing

iPEL Inc., the new patent monetization company run by CEO Brian Yates, said it has raised $100 million in initial capital in May 2017 and over its first year acquired more than 1,000 distinct patent families to enforce against infringers. Pasadena, California-based iPEL touts itself as an “ethical non-practicing entity” or NPE, a phrase it [...]

(Update3) Fortress and Uniloc have been quietly working together on patents since 2014

Fortress Investment Group, whose IP investing group is run by Eran Zur, has been quietly working with Uniloc Luxembourg SA and Uniloc USA on at least 10 enforcement actions since the two companies signed a revenue sharing and note and warrant purchase agreement on December 30, 2014. The business relationship was first revealed in filing [...]

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(Update1) Shares of Acacia-backed Veritone plunge 16% after it prices $30.6M public offering

Veritone Inc. (VERI), the radio advertising platform with artificial intelligence features that is backed by Acacia Research Corp. (ACTG), said it plans to raise $30.6 million from an underwritten public offering. of 1.7 million shares priced at $18. Shares of Veritone plunged 15.9% or $3.45 cents to $18.15 in late morning trading  following the announcement [...]

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Veritone may raise $50M in equity distribution managed by JMP Securities

Veritone Inc. (VERI), the radio broadcast advertising platform with artificial intelligence features that is partially owned by Acacia Research Corp. (ACTG), said it plans to raise up to $50 million issuing comm0n stock distributed by JMP Securities LLC. "We have entered into an Equity Distribution Agreement, or Distribution Agreement, with JMP Securities LLC, or JMP [...]

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VirnetX says it raised $7.03M in ATM facility between Jan. 1 and March 14

VirnetX Holding Corp. (VHC), the patent licensing company fighting to secure a $439.7 million infringement verdict against Apple Inc. (APPL), said it raised about $7.03 million from selling shares under a $35 million at the market offering facility. The Zephyr Cove, Nevada-based company said the sales arranged by Cowen & Co. were made between Jan. [...]

DSS creates special purpose entity controlled by Fortress after second default on $4.5M in advances

Document Security Systems Inc. (DSS), the patent licensing company run by Jeff Ronaldi, said it created a special purpose entity to be controlled by Fortress Credit Co. LLC and other investors as the sole recourse to a second default that occurred on Feb. 13, 2018. The creation of the entity was disclosed in a filing [...]

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Acacia Research Corp. leads $10M Series B funding round for Miso Robotics

Acacia Research Corp. (ACTG), the patent licensing company run by Executive Chairman Louis Graziadio Jr., said it led a $10 million Series B funding of Miso Robotics, the robotics and artificial intelligence company for restaurants and food providers. Newport Beach, California-based Acacia previously invested $2.25 million in Miso, as part of its strategy of investing [...]

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(Update2) Acacia is latest patent licensing company to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain business

Acacia Research Corp. (ACTG), the patent licensing company run by Executive Chairman G. Louis Graziadio Jr., said it invested $1 million for equity in Bitzumi Inc., a digital content and asset platform that plans to enable users to transact in the cryptocurrency and blockchain marketplace. Newport Beach, California-based Acacia is at least the second patent [...]

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Start-up SyncThink says new patent’s application in virtual reality may be its most valuable and biggest driver of future profitability

SyncThink, the neuraltechnology start-up that is developing EYE-SYNC, an ocular-motor assessment device that can detect concussions in as little as 60 seconds, said it received its 12th patent related to systems and methods for creating and changing dynamic content based on eye-gaze analysis. Palo Alto, California-based SyncThink said the new patent US 14/530,598 gives it [...]

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Worlds gets $875k from exercise of warrants to fund IPR appeal, resume Activision action and new actions

Worlds Inc. (WDDD), the patent licensing company run by CEO Thom Kidrin, said it raised $875,000 from investors who exercised their warrants. The company plans to use the money to fund its appeal of an inter partes review scheduled for March 9 and the recent Wi-Fi One, LLC v. Broadcom Corp. ruling at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. [...]

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