3D Nanocolor Corp., the developer of electrokinetic film technology acquired by Marathon Patent Group Inc. (MARA) in March, said it has established a new lab and offices at The Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute (ATAMI) located in on the HP campus in Corvalis, Oregon.

The unit of Los Angeles-based Marathon is seeking to commercialize proprietary electrokinetic film technology developed by and licensed from the former Hewlett-Packard Co., now known as HP Inc. 3D Nanocolor and Marathon have said the technology has the potential of revolutionizing the “smart’ or “dynamic” glass marketplace.

3D Nanocolor is targeting the multi-billion dollar commercial smart glass and window market. The patented technology enables all kinds of surfaces to change both color and opaqueness almost instantly, making it ideal for numerous aesthetic, privacy, and energy conservation applications.

In addition, 3D Nanocolor, run by CEO James Douvikas, himself a former HP executive, hired two former HP engineers, Dr. James E. Abbot  and Cassady Roop, as electronic film engineering director, and senior electrical engineer, respectively.

Dr. Abbot earned a doctorate in Physical Chemistry, a bachelor’s of science in Engineering Physics and Physics from Oregon State University. He is a former U.S Naval Officer and nuclear power instructor and was an engineer/senior scientist for 10 years at HP. He also is a prolific inventor including more than 35 U.S. patents filed in inorganic materials, thin films, chemical sensing, MEMS device design, and 3D printing.

Roop earned a bachelor’s of science in Computer Science from Oregon State University and worked as a hardware design engineer at HP for 10 years. He has specific experience developing electrokinetic display drivers and piezo-inkjet systems.

Roop also is co-founder of Nanoman Industries Inc., a biochemical manufacturing startup specializing in fluorogenic assays for cellular biological research and gallium maltolate, a promising chemotherapeutic agent for certain cancers.

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