Dean Becker's Equitable IP Holdings is trying to assemble a licensing pool of patent portfolios created and owned by medical practitioners that are currently being infringed by the top 40 medical device makers.

Becker put a call out for physician-owned patent portfolios on his LinkedIn profile.

"In today's post America Invents Act market, a single medical practitioner's patent portfolio is simply not good enough to get the top 40 medical device manufacturers to take notice," Becker said. "But, a pool of 20+ portfolios created by doctors and other medical professionals? Absolutely!"

Becker said he is planning to create a licensing pool of more than 20 doctor owned patent portfolios that are currently infringed by the top 40 medical device makers.

The pool will be divided equally between participating portfolios with Equitable IP providing funding and managing the pool  for participants.

To apply, physicians are urged to email Becker at or at

Becker didn't return an emailed request for comment.

Becker has been chairman of Equitable IP since November 2015. Most recently, he led its efforts to partner with Spherix Inc. (SPEX) to monetize its patent portfolio. Equitable IP already has started funding about 10 enforcement actions involving Spherix patents.

Prior to joining Equitable IP, Becker had been CEO of ICAP Patent Brokerage from 2009 to November 2015.

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