Uniloc Luxembourg SA, fresh off the twin rejections of its merger with Marathon Patent Group (MARA) and unsolicited offer for Acacia Research Group (ACTG), has filed new enforcement actions against antivirus software makers Avast Software, BitDefender Holding B.V., AVG Technologies, GOG Ltd., Piriform Inc., Ubisoft Inc. and Valve Corp.

Uniloc, which is run by CEO Craig Etchegoyen, filed the enforcement actions against Avast, BitDefender and the others on April 12 in U.S. District Court in Marshall, Texas.

The cases involve U.S. Patent No. 6,510,466, which is entitled “Methods, systems and computer program products for centralized management of application programs on a network; and U.S. Patent No. 6,728,766, entitled “Methods, systems and computer program products for license use management on a network

The patent monetization company alleges all seven companies infringe the ‘466 patent by distributing its antivirus and computer security software. Five of the companies including BitDefender, AVG, GOG, Ubisoft and Valve also allegedly infringed the '766 patent.

Uniloc’s complaints allege that it’s been “damaged, reparably and irreparably,” by the defendants' infringement of the ‘466 patent or both the ‘466 patent and the ‘766 patents and that such damage will continue unless they are enjoined.

Uniloc is represented in the enforcement actions against Avast and BitDefender by Craig Tadlock and Kevin Smiley, of the Tadlock Law Firm in Plano, Texas. Paul Hayes and Kevin Gannon of the law firm of Cesari and McKenna, also are representing Uniloc.

Tadlock couldn’t be reached for comment on the enforcement actions and whether actions were planned against any other companies.

Representatives for the alleged infringers couldn't be reached for comment.

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