Novelty Capital attempts to revive Prism Technologies with $600,000 in debt financing with warrants

Novelty Capital LLC, the investment manager run by Jonathan Skeels, provided $600,000 in financing to Prism Technologies Group, the patent licensing company run by CEO Hussein A. Enan, to be used for working capital and patent acquisitions. The investment manager received a promissory note and warrants to purchase 2,004,663 common to Prism. The note pays [...]

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iPEL CEO, Brian Yates, expects lessons from his Iris Connex defeat in the U.S. will drive patent enforcement wins in China

Brian Yates, the founder and CEO of iPEL, Inc., the self-described “Ethical Non-Practicing Entity,” asserts that it’s unfair for alleged infringers to describe him as a troll when it’s the infringers themselves who exhibit the real troll behavior. During the first decade of his legal career, Yates says it was common for him to be [...]

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Shares of ParkerVision plunge as investors confront need for additional capital to cover debt owed to Brickell Key

Shares of ParkerVision Inc. (PRKR), the patent licensing company run by CEO Jeffrey Parker, fell 33% or 19 cents to 38.85 cents a share today and another 28.7% or 11 cents to 27.3 cents in after-hours trading following the company’s issuance of stock in a private investment in public equity to Aspire Capital Partners and [...]

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November jury verdict in patent dispute with HP causes Network-1 to post a second quarter loss

Network-1 Technologies Inc. (NTIP), the patent licensing company run by CEO Corey Horowitz, swung to a second quarter 2018 net loss as licensees began withholding royalties because of a jury verdict of invalidity and non-infringement in a patent dispute with Hewlett-Packard in November 2017. New York-based Network-1 posted a net loss of $564,000, or 2 [...]

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Two day plunge in Veritone underscores risk to Acacia as it seeks to reduce investment

The two day drop that erased as much as $100 million of market value from Veritone Inc. (VERI), the radio broadcast advertising platform with artificial intelligence features, illustrates the challenges facing Acacia Research Corp. (ACTG) as it tries to make good on its pledge to investors to reduce the size of its investment in the [...]

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