Nissim Corp., a privately held patent licensing company run by inventor Max Abecassis, filed an enforcement action against Apple Inc. (APPL) in U.S. District Court in Miami, Florida involving seven patents related to DVD specifications.

The action against Apple comes after Nissim previously brought enforcement actions against there following companies: Paramount Pictures Corp., Universal City Studios LLC, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Clearplay Inc. and Time Warner Inc.

Nissim claims in the complaint to have licensed its patents to all the companies who participated in the consortium that developed the DVD specifications: Toshiba, Sony, Philips, Pioneer, Hitachi, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Thomson, and JVC.

The company said its licensees also include numerous other major consumer-electronics companies such as Acer, Bose, Dell, Funai, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sharp.

On its website, Nassim says it has signed licenses or won awards against dozens of companies, including: Acer America Corp., Bang & Olufsen a/s, Best Buy China Ltd., Bose Corp., Buena Vista Home Entertainment Inc., Daewoo Electronics Corp., Dell Products L.P., Gateway Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co.,International Business Machines Corp., Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., LG Electronics Inc.

The patents in the Apple suit are: U.S. Patent Nos. 5,434,678, entitled “Seamless Transmission Of Non-Sequential Video Segments;” 5,589,945, entitled “Computer-Themed Playing System;”  5,913,013, entitled “Seamless Transmission Of Non-Sequential Video Segments;” 6,151,444, entitled “Motion Picture Including Within A Duplication Of Frames;” 6,208,805, entitled
“Inhibiting A Control Function From Interfering With A Playing Of A Video;” 6,643,207, entitled “Playing A Variable-Content-Video Having A User Interface.”

The complaint alleges direct and indirect infringement of the seven patents and willful infringement. The company is seeking triple damages based on willful infringement and legal costs based on a finding that the case is exceptional.

Nissim and Abecassis are represented by John C. Carey and Ernesto M. Rubi of the Carey Rodriguez Milian Gonya LLP in Miami.

Abecassis also is CEO of CustomPlay, a Delray Beach, Florida-based film company. He declined to comment for this story.

Officials of Apple declined to comment.

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