Uniloc, Clean Energy Management and Alex Is The Best are among private NPEs still focused on U.S.

Privately-held non-practicing entities including Uniloc USA Inc., Clean Energy Management Solutions LLC and Alex Is The Best LLC (AITB), continue to aggressively file enforcement actions in the U.S. at a time when many of their publicly traded counterparts have opted to pursue enforcement actions in foreign jurisdictions including Europe and in the near future China. [...]

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Regional Court in Munich tells ParkerVision and LG it is predisposed to a finding of infringement

ParkerVision Inc. (PRKR), the patent licensing company run by CEO Jeffrey Parker, said a Regional Court in Munich, Germany, overseeing its infringement action against the German unit of LG Electronics, indicated it was leaning toward a finding of infringement in a preliminary ruling. Jacksonville, Florida-based ParkerVision filed an infringement complaint in June 2016 against LG [...]

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(Update1) Judge dismisses with prejudice inventor’s complaint against 3M over who invented the sticky note

A U.S. District Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as expected dismissed inventor Alan Amron's $400 million defamation complaint against 3M Co., which alleged the conglomerate stole his invention of the Post-It-Note, noting that a previous settlement agreement between the two parties in 1997 barred the action. Amron filed the action against 3M in January seeking [...]

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InterDigital raises third quarter revenue guidance after recent licensing agreement with Huawei

InterDigital, Inc. (IDCC), the patent and technology licensing company run by CEO Bill Merritt, said it expects total third quarter 2016 revenue to be between $200 million and $225 million. The Wilmington, Delaware-based company said it expects third quarter recurring revenues to be in the range of $80 million to $85 million and past sales [...]

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Privately-held Nissim brings enforcement action against Apple over patents related to DVD specs

Nissim Corp., a privately held patent licensing company run by inventor Max Abecassis, filed an enforcement action against Apple Inc. (APPL) in U.S. District Court in Miami, Florida involving seven patents related to DVD specifications. The action against Apple comes after Nissim previously brought enforcement actions against there following companies: Paramount Pictures Corp., Universal City [...]

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(Update1) Inventor Alan Amron accuses 3M attorneys of contacting his ex-wife to get info to discredit his $400M defamation suit

Alan Amron, the inventor who claims 3M Company stole his idea for the post-it note, has asked a federal court in Palm Beach, Florida overseeing his $400 million defamation case against the conglomerate to hold a hearing on accusations that 3M attorneys contacted his ex-wife seeking damaging or embarrassing information about him and that 3M [...]

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InterDigital signs long-awaited royalty-bearing licensing agreement with Huawei

InterDigital Inc. (IDCC), the mobile technology licensing and research and development company run by CEO Bill Merritt, said it signed a multi-year, worldwide, non exclusive royalty bearing patent licensing agreement with Huawei Investment and Holding Co. Ltd. Wilmington, Delaware based InterDigital said the licensing agreement also was signed by its patent holding subsidiaries. The company [...]

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(Update1) PTAB invalidates two VirnetX patents related to ones in actions against Apple

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board said in final written decisions in inter partes reviews of claims of two patents related to the ones in VirnetX Holding Corp.’s (VHC) six year infringement battle with Apple Inc. (APPL) were invalid under the prior art. In the first decision, a three judge panel of the PTAB ruled [...]

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Equitable and Spherix may have to net $40M to $120M to justify spending on Nortel actions

Dean Becker’s Equitable IP Holding Corp. and Spherix Inc. (SPEX) may have to net $40 million to $120 million, from the enforcement actions they’ve filed this year against alleged infringers of three patents developed by the former Nortel Networks to justify the amount Equitable IP and Spherix are likely spending on the campaign. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania-Based [...]

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Acacia Research Corp. shares surge 14% after executive chairman and associates buy more shares

Shares of Acacia Research Group (ACTG), the patent licensing company run by Executive Chairman G. Louis Graziadio, gained 14% on Thursday, Sept. 1, just days after the financier and entities controlled by him, bought more shares of the struggling company. Shares of Newport Beach, California-based Acacia jumped 14% or 84 cents to $6.82 in trading [...]

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