The Kudelski Group, a digital security technology and licensing company, said today it entered into a comprehensive patent license agreement with Apple Inc.

The Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland-based company said under the agreement, the parties agreed to dismiss all pending patent litigation. The company also said the companies agreed not to disclose the financial terms.

Apple on Monday Aug. 1 convinced a U.S. District Court in Tyler, Texas, to toss out a $625.6 million jury award against it that was won by VirnetX Holding Corp. (VHC). The computer giant also recently settled an enforcement action filed by Network-1 Technologies Inc. (NTIP) for $25 million and another filed by Marathon Patent Group Inc. (MARA) and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for $24.5 million.

The computer giant is still fighting a $234 million jury award won by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

In other news, the Kudelski Group said it entered into a broad-based patent licensing agreement with RPX Corp. (RPXC), the terms of which were not disclosed.

Under the agreement, San Francisco-based RPX received the right to sublicense a limited number of companies to Kudelski Group patents. Kudelski received an upfront payment, mutual patent risk clearance, and a future transfer of patents from RPX. The Kudelski Group also joined the RPX client network.

Officials from the Kudelski Group and RPX declined to comment.

“We are pleased to finalize this agreement with RPX,” said Joe Chernesky, senior vice president of intellectual property and innovation at the Kudelski Group in a statement. “The Kudelski Group has a proud track record as an innovator and technology leader that spans six decades. Building on that solid foundation, we continue to differentiate ourselves in the industry as a principled and pragmatic leader in developing and licensing technology and intellectual property. Operating companies benefit when they respect each other’s intellectual property rights and license patents in a reasonable and collaborative manner.”

“In bringing together operating companies in complex deals such as this one, we reduce the uncertainty of patent-related risk and continue to transform the patent market with our clearinghouse approach,” said Mallun Yen, executive vice president of RPX int he statement. “By moving patent transactions out of the courtroom and into the deal room, we introduce transparency, scalability, and efficiency, leading to rational outcomes for all parties.”