Private non-practicing entity Pico Byte Systems Inc., which filed in February as a Texas limited liability company run by Nicolas Labbit, a Longview, Texas patent attorney, filed enforcement actions against 24 companies for alleged infringement of U.S. Patent No. 7,771,981, related to adaptive transmission in multi-access asynchronous channels.

The actions were filed in U.S. District Court in Tyler, Texas against: Acer America; Aliphcon Inc., doing business as Jawbone; Antec; ASUS Computer International; Blackberry; Bose; Denoin Electronics; GoPro; Harman International Industries; HTC America; Jvckenwood; Logitech; Monster; NVIDIA; Onkyo; Panasonic Corp. of North America; Pioneer Electronics; Polk Audio; Pyle Audio; Samsung Electronics America; Sharp Electronics; Toshiba America Information Systems; Westinghouse Licensing Corp., doing business as Westinghouse Electronics Co., Westinghouse Security and Westinghouse Electronics; and Yamaha Corp. of America.

Longview, Texas based Pico Byte acquired the ‘981 patent in February from Bitbytebit Information Services Intellectual Property LLC, which acquired it from Cerinet USA Inc. in October. Labbit is a patent attorney who previously worked for Stevens Love Hill & Holt PLLC.

Labbit also may be affiliated with the following companies: Urgensync, LLC, Verifire Network Solutions, LLC, Frequency Systems, LLC, Cryptopeak Solutions, LLC, Ectolink, LLC, Broadqast Solutions, LLC, Caltex Patent Group, LLC, Unibeam Photonics, LLC, Kinetic Trac, LLC, Iris Connex, LLC.

Labbit couldn’t be reached for comment.

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