The first ever 2014 IP Dealmakers Forum will be held on Thursday and Friday, November 6-7 in New York, hosted by The IP Investment Institute.

The forum features a keynote address by Jay Walker, executive chairman of Patent Properties Inc., a publicly traded company that monetizes patents developed by Walker Digital. Walker Digital is Jay Walker’s privately-held invention lab based in Stamford, Connecticut.

The forum also will feature a number of panel discussion with speakers from numerous patent assertion companies and patent investors including IPNavigation Group’s Erich Spangenberg, Fortress Investment Group’s Eran Zur, Altitude Capital Partners Managing Partner Rob Kramer, Marathon Patent Group CEO Doug Croxall, Vringo Inc. Executive Vice President Cliff Weinstein, Finjan Inc.’s President Phil Hartstein, Gerchen Keller Capital Managing Director Ashley Keller and Acacia Research Group Executive Vice President Jaime Siegel.

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